Wednesday, February 6, 2013

At What Price Fame?

It’s cheaper than you think!
The world of independent films is gritty, creative and exciting. Big stars lend their time and talent to projects out of the sheer love of their craft, forsaking the big budget movie paychecks to see the film to completion.
Are you looking to break into the industry?
Got some extra money burning a hole in your pocket and want to have something great to show for it?
Now here’s your chance!
Help “Bullet” the action film raise the additional funding it needs to get the film out to the masses! Filming started Monday Feb. 4th in Los Angeles and I will have exclusive have behind the scenes footage from the set coming soon!

Soooo, have you always dreamed of seeing your name in the rolling credits at the end of a film? How about training with a top stunt coordinator for a scene with actor Danny Trejo from “Sons Of Anarchy” ( among many other films and tv shows )? 

It’s all at your fingertips! Just head over to kickstarter, donate to a really cool campaign and “Break a leg”!

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