Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays Lovers! Last minute DIY gifts/crisis intervention!

Sooooo, licking your wounds from the other night, realizing that you neglected to execute a "to do list"  for yourself/assistant believing the Mayans were right and there would be no Christmas??

More importantly, from a business standpoint/your stock portfolio, did you really think Walmart would allow the Mayans to get away with this?



I know you read my text/tweet/Facebook-post-I-tagged-you-in.

"I Told You So's" evenly distributed, shame on me if I didn't do you a solid and get you out of this serious holiday jam/a.k.a. potential P.R. nightmare depending on if you're an A list or B celeb at the very least ( and if your assistant is still around to run errands after all the abuse she's taken this year ). The last thing I would want for any client/FBfriend/family/acquaintance/exes/did-I-leave-anyone-out? is to actually let people have any idea that you really thought the Apocalypse was here ( translation: psycho ).

Crisis Intervention mode.

So let's go over this shall we?

You were only being "sympathetic to others", "consoling them", "( overly ) supporting their ( poor ) decisions", being a good client/FBfriend/family/acquaintance/exes/did-I-leave-anyone-out? as you stoically stood/laid by their side.


Future therapy aside, here are some last minute, super cool DIY gifts to get you back in the good graces  of your fans/FBfriends/family/acquaintances/exes/did-I-leave-anyone-out?

The Friendship Necklace

Super boho-chic right? Everyone needs a splash of color after drinking and drugging themselves silly over this Mayan Nightmare.

What better way to spend Christmas Eve than whipping up a bunch of "friendship necklaces" ( every celeb/VIP wants to believe they have them ) for your go to gals that got you out of a hot mess or two this year while I was dealing with your potential media backlash ( Perez Hiltion ). The girls at Honestly WTF have a D.I.Y. for everyone and every occasion. Great last minute gifts to avoid potential career ending disasters.

What to do with/for the bestie with potential to risk ruining your life/career/future-with-a-uber-wealthy-social-network-guru?

It's not enough that I have to nurse you through the most recent post Mayan/Apocalypse ( raise your hand if you're sick of hearing about it ) break-up with your bestie thinking the world was going to end. In between my hand holding to stop you from texting, Tweeting, Instagramming and crying, you, ( or your assistant ) needs to find enough time to do this super fast DIY to help keep your bestie's shit together ( at the very least her accessories ).

Driftwood and Vintage Knob Necklace Holder

Before your assistant runs out the door and into a TMZ reporter, whip up some Homemade Vegan Hot Chocolate Mix. It's better to keep her ( and your secrets ) warm because revenge is a dish best served cold and god only knows how many recipes she got ready to lay out on the table.

Job well done.

You ( or your assistant ) deserves a raise/drink.

More importantly, what are you going to get me for Christmas for getting out of all the disastrous decisions you made a la Lindsay Lohan in 2012?

First, I will let you slide for ignoring my needs over this Mayan miscommunication thing and I'll be expecting that Birkin I have been coveting/ told your assistant about ( see below ) on my desk the first business day of January 2013, delivered by messenger since you'll be in the Turks-Caicos for New Year's - no excuses.

Happy Holidays Lovers! Looking forward to PR'ing you all out of potential scandals in 2013!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Chaos of Christmas

The chaos of last minute Christmas shopping has begun. A sudden, two day trip to Mammoth threw off my tightly coordinated schedule, so now I'm in stealth mode, ready to accomplish my most important mission of the holiday season...

 I adopt a covert, yet casual look with purpose and attitude. The coastal chill makes this faux fur vest over a simple off white thermal the perfect combo for a cloudy and slightly windy day at the beach. The addition of leopard print denim pants pumps up the volume of an otherwise monotone outfit. I love this grey/black combo of the leopard print. It's surprising, yet subtle - perfect for sneak attack shopping!
It was my golden opportunity to get the last minute neighbor gifts, stocking stuffers and pick up that super special gift that needs a super special hiding place...

Needless to say, I was committed to accomplishing my mission and did so with studly results. I got a little extra help from my accessories today, a fave studded belt and studded cuff. Both got a serious workout carrying bags and boxes to the car... 

Chaos is temporarily tamed by comfort.... I got to break out the new wedge sneakers from Forever 21. Love you Isabel Marant, but fashion is about the look, not the price tag - I can say that confidently after 20 plus years in the fashion business.

Thankfully, I was surrounded by my spirit guides. This necklace is one of my staple pieces. It gets worn a LOT.

With all that momentum behind me, it's no wonder  I had successful results!

Faux fur vest old, leopard print jeans Forever 21, thermal old, belt Forever 21 similar herewedge sneakers Forever 21, necklace Revolution Vintage available here in Jan. 2013, beanie made by moi - pattern available for download in January 2013.


The First and Last of 2012 - The Cashmere Beanie Giveaway!

I coveted the look originally on The Glamourai 
I became further obsessed when I saw Nicole Richie sporting hers in true 90265 style…
However, my hesitance to travel south of the Malibu Pier - even worse - to the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica ( gasp! ), led to the designing and subsequently dismantling some barely ( if not ever ) worn cashmere taking up valuable space in my closet ( to be replaced by a new Birkin soon I hope? ).
To get your custom made cashmere beanie simply click on the “ask me a question” link at the top of the blog post and say: “Make me a beanie Malibu P.R. Gal!”  and leave your website or blog info.
Double your chances of winning by liking our Facebook page and leaving your info there…
Triple your chances by following us on Twitter
If if you make the effort by following me on all of the above and Pinterest- you are GUARANTEED a beanie.
I like to spoil my readers!
Get ready for January’s giveaway… we’re talking vintage Gucci!

The Mayan Calendar... Food for thought?

How many of you have read your horoscope for the week?

As thought provoking as mine was, the end of the world in actuality, according to the Mayan calendar, was not included in the planetary alignment according Miss Zoe Moon.
Which is great news to me since I have reservations Saturday night at local Malibu hotspot Bui Sushi to celebrate surviving “the end of the world” as we know it ( hallelujah! ) and subsequently must fulfill my “being seen” quota for the week.
“Killing two birds with one stone” as the Mayans would say!
Why am I so confident many will most likely wake up Saturday morning with a blinding headache and a sensitivity to noise ( translation :hangover ) - some of you making obvious, terrible choices the night before like sleeping with your bestie’s b.f. - or worse yet - sleeping with your bestie - because you though the world was going to end ( silly )?
After going through my Facebook newsfeed, I am convinced the Oreo Cookie holds the key to our future.
Perhaps picking up where the Mayan Calendar left off?
The future predicted according to the Oreo cookie…
Food for thought right?

50 is the new 30

50 is the new 30.
Carole Radziwill.
Notice I didn't include Demi Moore? 

Clearly, she not from here...

Let me explain via hashtag...

 #fuschia #pumps #shorts #malibu #nono #alien

Clearly, she’s not from here. #fuschia #pumps #shorts #nono #malibu

RIP Vintage Fashion ( Reality ) Star

RIP Vintage Boho Fashion Star

What once was the unofficial, official queen of vintage couture, is now… 
unabashedly a sellout…
Sadly, she doesn’t exactly fit into my life plan right now.
: (

What would happen to Fashion Week?

What Will Happen To Fashion Week?

Holiday season is upon us, Fashion Week has come and gone and Spring ‘13 couture collections ( soooo not impressed ) are scheduled to arrive on the door steps of many a Beverly Hills Mansion.
Notice I didn’t include Malibu?
So why do I care about what happens to Fashion Week - which will most likely cease to exist according to the Mayan Calendar?
The better question would be, why do I even care about the Mayan calendar?
I mean, we don’t even wear couture in the Bu - we wear vintage.
Actually, there are a few self absorbed reasons why Fashion Week must go on in Malibu P.R. Gal world.
Like for instance for the new Birkin I’m coveting…
…and there is a new office to decorate. 
Which is a little more challenging now, but far more hopeful sinceShabby Chic left town a few years ago.
The Bu has left behind frilly and become a little more refined.
Although somebody may need to tell Pam Anderson about that.
Don’t get me wrong… Pam’s Shabby Chic’d - Boudoir/Bad Girl - Colony home was super fashionable…
…in the 90’s.
Once the coastline was cleared of endless lace, roses and painted white furniture, Malibu was free to choose a new fearless fashion direction…
Couture without leaving the comfort our bedrooms.
The truth is, Fashion Week really means nothing to most of us here in the BU.
We care more about what local surf icon Kelly Slater placed in the Hurley Pro…
( he won by the way )…
…than who Angelina Jolie wore on the red carpet ( aside from Brad ).
I’m bored already.
Sure there are a few “weekenders” that show their collections on the runways at the Mercedez Benz tents.
Does that mean I have to give a shit about the potential end of Fashion Week according to the Mayan Calendar?
Of course not.
Even the uber hip designers have to acclimate to the local Malibu vibe or risk public scrutiny if they dare wear couture to Coogies.
Kelly Wearstler got the hint.
However, Rachel Zoe didn’t get the memo.
After the dust, I mean sand settles, all of the sudden, Monday morning is upon us.
Reality sets in and cocktails on Carbon Beach over the weekend become just a memory.
I trade in my charmed Malibu life for the reality of the fashion P.R. world ( not physically of course - who in their right mind would want to commute to L.A. everyday? ).  
After all, brands need branding, styles need styling and I need a new Birkin.
Viva Dolce & Gabbana and long live Fashion Week!
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