How many of you have read your horoscope for the week?

As thought provoking as mine was, the end of the world in actuality, according to the Mayan calendar, was not included in the planetary alignment according Miss Zoe Moon.
Which is great news to me since I have reservations Saturday night at local Malibu hotspot Bui Sushi to celebrate surviving “the end of the world” as we know it ( hallelujah! ) and subsequently must fulfill my “being seen” quota for the week.
“Killing two birds with one stone” as the Mayans would say!
Why am I so confident many will most likely wake up Saturday morning with a blinding headache and a sensitivity to noise ( translation :hangover ) - some of you making obvious, terrible choices the night before like sleeping with your bestie’s b.f. - or worse yet - sleeping with your bestie - because you though the world was going to end ( silly )?
After going through my Facebook newsfeed, I am convinced the Oreo Cookie holds the key to our future.
Perhaps picking up where the Mayan Calendar left off?
The future predicted according to the Oreo cookie…
Food for thought right?