Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Chaos of Christmas

The chaos of last minute Christmas shopping has begun. A sudden, two day trip to Mammoth threw off my tightly coordinated schedule, so now I'm in stealth mode, ready to accomplish my most important mission of the holiday season...

 I adopt a covert, yet casual look with purpose and attitude. The coastal chill makes this faux fur vest over a simple off white thermal the perfect combo for a cloudy and slightly windy day at the beach. The addition of leopard print denim pants pumps up the volume of an otherwise monotone outfit. I love this grey/black combo of the leopard print. It's surprising, yet subtle - perfect for sneak attack shopping!
It was my golden opportunity to get the last minute neighbor gifts, stocking stuffers and pick up that super special gift that needs a super special hiding place...

Needless to say, I was committed to accomplishing my mission and did so with studly results. I got a little extra help from my accessories today, a fave studded belt and studded cuff. Both got a serious workout carrying bags and boxes to the car... 

Chaos is temporarily tamed by comfort.... I got to break out the new wedge sneakers from Forever 21. Love you Isabel Marant, but fashion is about the look, not the price tag - I can say that confidently after 20 plus years in the fashion business.

Thankfully, I was surrounded by my spirit guides. This necklace is one of my staple pieces. It gets worn a LOT.

With all that momentum behind me, it's no wonder  I had successful results!

Faux fur vest old, leopard print jeans Forever 21, thermal old, belt Forever 21 similar herewedge sneakers Forever 21, necklace Revolution Vintage available here in Jan. 2013, beanie made by moi - pattern available for download in January 2013.

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