Monday, February 11, 2013

It's Swimsuit Season!

Malibu local Heather Gardner's eponymous jewelry line graces the pages of this year's Sports Illustrated  Swimsuit Issue for the third year in a row.

Each issue has managed to be better than the previous, and this teaser video  just released by Sports Illustrated, shows us they are sure not to disappoint this year either!

Sunday, February 10, 2013


FB Grammy posts are going wild right now, then there are those of us who really knoooowwww...

Love you Michael! Rock on!

Game On for GRAMMYS

 Since Thursday morning at 6 a.m., green tea latte in hand, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week has been front and center on my MacBook Pro.

It wasn't long before texture/pattern/color overload kicked in while I listened, in between shows, lanky fashion types live streaming and lying about "how busy they've been".

Yeah, sure.


Friday morning, day two of runway reality was barely underway and then...

 DEFCON FIVE ( meaning least severe - at least to me )

my FB inbox was blowing up.

"Grammys" this, "Grammys" that, was the theme of most messages - and then I realized:

 "Oh shit! The Grammys are this weekend?!"

My deep distaste for red carpet styling has me in deep denial the entire duration of awards season.

Fed up with the fake smiles of former A-now-B-/listers ranting about why she "isn't 25 anymore", ( which only leads to violent thoughts for me - a serious house plant killer ).

So, when I see the desperation of a newly hired assistant who won't be eating until she finds a stylist to resuscitate her boss' red carpet style ( aka comeback couture ) via private message...

Well let's just say, you don't need to know someone to know someone.

You know?

Needless to say, the couture gods intervened, apparently my work was not yet finished ( as a stylist ) and I was suckered into last minute, red carpet styling.


So now, my Malibu mantra is to play my cosmic cards right and hopefully I will never have to style another awards event in this lifetime.

I  will actually burn sage over it.

 The Universe did reward me for my styling sacrifice with a surprise pre Grammy lunch on the ocean the next day with my good buddy Bill.

He caught me up on star studded stories from Sundance... and further enlightening me that there is indeed six degrees of separation between me and Kurt Cobain ( read about it here and here )...

...and now Courtney Love

 Bill continued to tell me about his late night noshin' ( at Mel's Diner on Sunset only hours before ) with Grammy greatness, music legend Quincy Jones.

and now this Malibu P.R. Gal is set up for a cool collab with hip hop legends Naughty By Nature.

So I guess I'll be gettin' my naughty on...

Can you Feel Me Flow?

photo credits by Andrea Hanks photography, bella sugar.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Front Row Fave...Bisous to you!

We got a big 'kiss' from Malibu P.R. Gal's fave fashion photographer Shelli Wright, also creative director of Bisous Mag, who made the world a little prettier today by giving us a bird's eye view of MAXAZRIABCBG Fall 2013 runway show. See it on the Bisous ( french for 'kiss' ) blog.

                              I have my own fashion week faves I'm putting together for you. 

Sit tight.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Afternoon Delight

There's nothing like a crisp winter afternoon and a little light reading before the chaos of Fashion Week. While I won't be attending in person, I will be sucked in via live feed at Mercedez-Benz.

C'est la vie!

At What Price Fame?

It’s cheaper than you think!
The world of independent films is gritty, creative and exciting. Big stars lend their time and talent to projects out of the sheer love of their craft, forsaking the big budget movie paychecks to see the film to completion.
Are you looking to break into the industry?
Got some extra money burning a hole in your pocket and want to have something great to show for it?
Now here’s your chance!
Help “Bullet” the action film raise the additional funding it needs to get the film out to the masses! Filming started Monday Feb. 4th in Los Angeles and I will have exclusive have behind the scenes footage from the set coming soon!

Soooo, have you always dreamed of seeing your name in the rolling credits at the end of a film? How about training with a top stunt coordinator for a scene with actor Danny Trejo from “Sons Of Anarchy” ( among many other films and tv shows )? 

It’s all at your fingertips! Just head over to kickstarter, donate to a really cool campaign and “Break a leg”!

Monday, February 4, 2013

We Don't Do Morning in Malibu

Morning television has never influenced any aspect of my life.

With the rise of the internet, television took the fall.

Even the Good Day L.A. girls got canned cause we weren't paying attention anymore.

( Remember - you heard that here. )

So when I began pondering what to wear on set for my client's campaign shoot with Vogue published photographer Kelly Cappelli...

Needless to say, my influences were more Alexander Wang...

than Good Morning America....

If you read my last post, you saw my recent fashion fascination with Kurt Cobain.
Kurt's inner fashionista continued to inspire me as I entertained Nirvana-esque, grunge chic for my on set style.

 So, while I researched 90's grunge chic, ( like, I remember it, I just don't really remember, remember it ) Google images came in handy, but they kind of co-mingled some punk-chic with grunge-chic, and with punk/grunge chic came Tom Binns... and with Tom Binns came... Kelly Rippa. 

Kelly Rippa?




We don't even do morning t.v. in Malibu!

But there she was, Google was right, Kelly Rippa in a simple black blouse, in all her Tom Binns chic/punk/grunge glory.

Yes, I know you can barely see it, but truuusssst, it's the one.

All I could think of was...

"Has the Kelly RippaXTomms Binns collab ruined my chances of ever achieving peace again?"

"Will I be able to move on with my DIYs without underlying issues/nightmares caused by this morning 
'fashion madness'???"

More importantly... "Could Kelly Rippa be my fashion soul mate?"

: 0

If there is one thing I know about soul sister style, it's that you can meet them in person... and just know, and there's some you don't have to meet... and you and just knooooow.

I meeeaaaan - even the February issue of Elle magazine featured Kelly.

Am I missing something or am I on to something???

After I got my emotions to a less fragile place and my appetite back, reality set in.

Either I needed to do a "pull" ( stylist speak for borrowing clothes for a shoot ) - or I need to pull it together...

...and I did - I pulled it together So. Cal style -  a DIY on the fly.

At the end of a successfully styled shoot deep in Scottsdale...

...a client campaign complete with chic.

"Morning" just may be the new muse!

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