Sunday, January 27, 2013

Radical CHIC - Stella McCartneyXKurt Cobain?

Just for a moment, I would like to entertain the thought that Stella McCartney, in all her genetic Beatlesness, stepped outside the box and channeled Kurt Cobain for her Spring 2013 collection.

 These floral fashionistas suggests a certain Nirvana "IN BLOOM" vibe... right?

Maybe with a dash of housecoat couture perhaps?

I understand her need to venture past her 60's rock heritage and the English countryside in order to  inject life into the collection via 90's Seattle Grunge.

Creepy, yet charming.

Is that even possible?

By the looks of this collection it is.

I'm still trying to understand the allure and the couture. 

Like, I get it, I just don't really "get it, get it".  

Especially the rock star, muscly/scrawny, drug addict, sex machine type.

It's been so, well, DONE.


...a rock star, muscly/scrawny, drug addict sex machine type guy in a DRESS?  

I have to admit, it's a little weird, but kind of hot right?

I could see also see why Stella, deep in this Nirvana-esque "Come As You Are" design phase, would aspire to give everyone ( who wears couture ) a yellow moment...

I must say, with the addition of Nirvana vibe I would like to believe Stella was going with, this pastel/floral thing might really work out for Stella/me.

 I also spotted ( pun intended ) some primal Cobain couture inspo in the resort '13 collection. 

  Stella was really on it.

The purest form of radical chic right?

However, if one of my interns, gay/straight, showed up in one of these couture Stella McCartney confections, well, can you say... 


 Unless of course, it was vintage. 

If you want to wear a dress/leopard coat to work, especially in Malibu, we have a strict code.

Vintagelocal designers ( including boho jewelry - originating here in the Bu, of course ) or one of a kind ( that includes designer DIY ). 

The rest is all you.

We can't let these kinds of things fall through the cracks, you know?

( pun intended )

and P.s. Zac Posen (  also Spring 2013 )...

I'm on to you.


  1. love this!

  2. Love this post! The glasses are amazing. I wear my white shades all the time.

    Follow me on bloglovin! I follow back :)

  3. such an amazing post!

  4. Haha, somehow I forgot about the more bizarre fashion side of Kurt...I always picture him in his more conventional 90s garb.


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