Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hermes, we have a problem

O.k., I forgot the Globes were Sunday night. Sew sue me couture gods.

When you live in Malibu, you don't care about couture, which means you don't give a shit about who wore what, with who, on the red carpet.

Unless of course it's in the Bu, or at NOBU.

In that case, Malibuites wear vintage, local Bu brands - or fabulous DIYs...

The more creative and handmade/one-of-a-kind, the better.

For example, here are the DIY Balmain Spring 2012 boots I did last year.

 Ferever 21 booties ( similar here ) turned into DANG with a capitol "D"!

However, some things are best left undone, undecorated and un-DIYed.

The Birkin.

This is what happens when good Birkins happen to bad people:

Gag me Lady Gaga.

"Decorating" a Birkin is a serious DIY offense.

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