Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Eagle Has Landed

OMG! I forgot about the Globes were tomorrow night.

I was so obsessed with my Isabel Marant DIYs and the multiple Forever21 shipments to my house that I completely forgot about the Golden Globe Awards, the step child of the Oscars.

Most of Facebook was equally not obsessed with the impending Globes ceremony, but overly obsessed with the NFL's Ravens - rather than what the raven haired Emma Stone ( gloriously wrapped in Lanvin in 2012 ) will wear to year's festivities.

Her 2012 ensemble was probably one of the most fashion forward, fabulous gowns I have ever seen ( not to mention I am frothing at the bit to DIY that eagle belt - or buy similar here ). It's so 2012 - but def chic and def worth a DIY.

While still perusing the red carpet photos, not a tear in my eye missing red carpets past - not to mention how STOKED I am that I don't have to be on duty tomorrow night.


It's just Malibu, me, my man and the hot tub with a glass of Cabernet - or maybe champagne - and I just might tune in to see the entertainment.

Freezing cold temps are forecasted... couture in the cold!

That's always a plus!

Bonne Nuit from the Bu ; )

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