Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cool Weather, Couture Cuff, Cool Shades

We've had unseasonably cold weather here in Malibu, the coldest temps since 1949.

Don't let the palm trees fool ya.

It's freakin freezing!

Cool weather means it's time to layer up.

Most of the pieces are vintage. The wool Indian sweater is a keepsake - super special piece I found years ago at the Salvation Army in Santa Monica, french cotton long thermal ( Rose Bowl find ), vintage flannel, Katayone Adeli jeans ( remember her? ), vintage 70's belt, vintage Fendi scarf, vintage fur trim on new leather Converse ( DIY I did in December ), cashmere beanie, couture cuff, African bead necklaces and vintage rosary cross with a bird skull charm ( made from recycled bullet casing ) necklace ( made by me ).

Now I'm ready to rock the below normal temps in the Bu!

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