Sunday, January 27, 2013

Radical CHIC - Stella McCartneyXKurt Cobain?

Just for a moment, I would like to entertain the thought that Stella McCartney, in all her genetic Beatlesness, stepped outside the box and channeled Kurt Cobain for her Spring 2013 collection.

 These floral fashionistas suggests a certain Nirvana "IN BLOOM" vibe... right?

Maybe with a dash of housecoat couture perhaps?

I understand her need to venture past her 60's rock heritage and the English countryside in order to  inject life into the collection via 90's Seattle Grunge.

Creepy, yet charming.

Is that even possible?

By the looks of this collection it is.

I'm still trying to understand the allure and the couture. 

Like, I get it, I just don't really "get it, get it".  

Especially the rock star, muscly/scrawny, drug addict, sex machine type.

It's been so, well, DONE.


...a rock star, muscly/scrawny, drug addict sex machine type guy in a DRESS?  

I have to admit, it's a little weird, but kind of hot right?

I could see also see why Stella, deep in this Nirvana-esque "Come As You Are" design phase, would aspire to give everyone ( who wears couture ) a yellow moment...

I must say, with the addition of Nirvana vibe I would like to believe Stella was going with, this pastel/floral thing might really work out for Stella/me.

 I also spotted ( pun intended ) some primal Cobain couture inspo in the resort '13 collection. 

  Stella was really on it.

The purest form of radical chic right?

However, if one of my interns, gay/straight, showed up in one of these couture Stella McCartney confections, well, can you say... 


 Unless of course, it was vintage. 

If you want to wear a dress/leopard coat to work, especially in Malibu, we have a strict code.

Vintagelocal designers ( including boho jewelry - originating here in the Bu, of course ) or one of a kind ( that includes designer DIY ). 

The rest is all you.

We can't let these kinds of things fall through the cracks, you know?

( pun intended )

and P.s. Zac Posen (  also Spring 2013 )...

I'm on to you.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Fashion Week is just around the corner.

 Legitimate and self professed design icons will descend upon NYC early in February.

 Here is an AAAAAH-mazing shot of Anna Wintour and Donna Karan, fashion's royalty, featured on DKNYprgirl recently.

No doubt discussing Fall 2013?

Can't wait to see!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

LOST in "The Canyons"

Lindsay's downward spiral continues as MTV announces her latest film, Bret Easton Ellis' "The Canyons" was passed over by SXSW for "quality issues".


At this point, not even BRAVO can save you Lindsay. 


Oh... sure. By all means, feel free ( ? ) to call me back. I would never want to get in the way of you calling your therapist.

Dear YSL, haven't we seen this before?

Fashion has been so, well, uninspiring lately.

It seems YSL has no imagination this spring.

Hasn't all this been done before?

I mean, I see some 90's Tom Ford for Gucci in there, Ann Demeulmeester, even Nolan Miller ( gasp! ).

Rude yes, but c'est la vie.

With fashion week fast approaching, fiscally sensible fashionistas are desperately seeking DIYs.

With the exception of Isabel Marant, there is a severe deficit in Do It Yourself runway re-designs...

...which led me to a new low.

While I was researching and re-searching Spring SS/13 collections, then Fall 2012, Spring 2012 and so on, I ended up as far back as Alexander Wang's Fall 2008 collection before I even got excited.

Wearing 2008 in 2013?

Normally, that's never the look.

But I meeeeaaaaannnnnn look at this sweatshirt!

It has a whole new meaning with the lack of imagination in couture today.

It's so unchic ( because it's 2008 ), it's actually chic again.

Which I predict will be the new chic at Fashion Week.

I think I'm on to something here.

Rachel Weiz in Rodarte Vogue 2008. Sexy,

soft and spiky.

Rodarte X Christian Loubotuin heels...

I have no idea who you are, what you're wearing today or whether or not your iphone is white ( a plus ), but if you are looking for designer DIYs, seasons past is where it's at.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pre Oscars, Oscar Obsession.

Yes, yes.

I know we have a month to go before the gold statuettes are given out.

I do however, have a more timely obsession with another Oscar... de la Renta.

Not too long I saw the resort 2013 collection which included a sparkly baseball style sweater.

Then I saw it again on Oscar's P.R. Girl - Erica Bearman.

The black and white filter on this photo of Erica and the sparkle in the sleeves led to a DIY re-do.

I found a simple Forever 21 baseball tee...

add some high quality swarovski crystals...

Now you've got F21 To Runway.

Pics and DIY instructions coming soon!

Equally obsessed with Erica's RECREATE/NY Ebay auction ( and Spoitfy playlist ) for 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

F21 To Runway

Having been in the fashion industry for many years, you can imagine I have some amazing stories to tell.

However, ebooks are just soooo draining, and for now, barring some huge celebrity or fashion scandal, stories will have be told in relation to my fashion whims and confined to a blog post.

A little over a year ago, I was smack in the middle of a celeb re-branding campaign and this B-lister-at-best, who's career I was resuscitating, decides to threaten the life of a 12 year gamer on Twitter.

Can you say terrorist threat (  him ) and unscheduled vacation ( me )?

Carpal tunnel set in as I was using my unanticipated down time, devoting copius amounts of energy to fashion blogs.

Of which, led to investing time and talent to the emerging DIY craze, re-inveting runway designs for the common, couture loving customer.


My trend loving/loathing, crafty ass loves to create fashion having done it for many years as a designer.

Like the cobbler with no shoes, I ended up a designer without my designs.

They always ended up on someone else's back.

A couple of divorces and moves later lead to lost items and memories. I have no idea where the original hand sewn Jimi Hendrix rocker tee I designed ended up, or my original studded "back stage" jacket are...

You get the picture... ( back then we didn't have instagram or I'd have some too! )

Trends come and go, but Forever 21 is here to stay.

Just like "I was thin back then, and I still am now".

The solution was simple in my mind.

I wanted to create, not design.

I wanted runway for reality.

So when my eyes bestowed a pair of Balmain SS/12 boots I HAD to have but knew I could DIY...

My passion for fashion turned into F21 To Runway ...

The original designer version was freakishly rock n roll fab, yet hardly amazing enough - especially since they lost most of their impact when I saw the $2500 price tag.

A new addiction was born that required no future rehab - just a lot more runway inspiration.


Valentino SS/12 sunglasses

F21 To Runway styled...

                       An unscheduled personal tragedy threw a wrench in runway re-designs.

After the sand settled, style that stood still last summer is now in full swing with F21 To Runway's first DIY of 2013. The Isabel Marant Rodwell Pant for her Fall 2012 collection.


F21 To Runway...

Dare to get your DIY on!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Malibu Studio Envy - Heather Gardner

My Christmas present to myself is a new office.

All wrapped up in a big bohemian bow.

Ok... a Refinery 29 style bohemian bow...

Until I visited friend and fellow Malibu entrepreneur - not to mention, original bohemian jewelry goddess, Heather Gardner.

Made in Malibu at it's finest.

A simple and savvy, shabby without the chic, rustic studio retreat in Ramirez Canyon, Malibu.

Absolutely FaBUlous.

Cohesive creativity ( IKEA refaced furniture with scaffolding wood ), white slipcovered furniture, and natural elements, all coexist to enhance all the beautiful colors, textures, precious stones and precious metals in Heather's designs.

Follow Heather Gardner on Facebook, Twitter, TumblrPinterest and Instagram.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cool Weather, Couture Cuff, Cool Shades

We've had unseasonably cold weather here in Malibu, the coldest temps since 1949.

Don't let the palm trees fool ya.

It's freakin freezing!

Cool weather means it's time to layer up.

Most of the pieces are vintage. The wool Indian sweater is a keepsake - super special piece I found years ago at the Salvation Army in Santa Monica, french cotton long thermal ( Rose Bowl find ), vintage flannel, Katayone Adeli jeans ( remember her? ), vintage 70's belt, vintage Fendi scarf, vintage fur trim on new leather Converse ( DIY I did in December ), cashmere beanie, couture cuff, African bead necklaces and vintage rosary cross with a bird skull charm ( made from recycled bullet casing ) necklace ( made by me ).

Now I'm ready to rock the below normal temps in the Bu!

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