What Will Happen To Fashion Week?

Holiday season is upon us, Fashion Week has come and gone and Spring ‘13 couture collections ( soooo not impressed ) are scheduled to arrive on the door steps of many a Beverly Hills Mansion.
Notice I didn’t include Malibu?
So why do I care about what happens to Fashion Week - which will most likely cease to exist according to the Mayan Calendar?
The better question would be, why do I even care about the Mayan calendar?
I mean, we don’t even wear couture in the Bu - we wear vintage.
Actually, there are a few self absorbed reasons why Fashion Week must go on in Malibu P.R. Gal world.
Like for instance for the new Birkin I’m coveting…
…and there is a new office to decorate. 
Which is a little more challenging now, but far more hopeful sinceShabby Chic left town a few years ago.
The Bu has left behind frilly and become a little more refined.
Although somebody may need to tell Pam Anderson about that.
Don’t get me wrong… Pam’s Shabby Chic’d - Boudoir/Bad Girl - Colony home was super fashionable…
…in the 90’s.
Once the coastline was cleared of endless lace, roses and painted white furniture, Malibu was free to choose a new fearless fashion direction…
Couture without leaving the comfort our bedrooms.
The truth is, Fashion Week really means nothing to most of us here in the BU.
We care more about what local surf icon Kelly Slater placed in the Hurley Pro…
( he won by the way )…
…than who Angelina Jolie wore on the red carpet ( aside from Brad ).
I’m bored already.
Sure there are a few “weekenders” that show their collections on the runways at the Mercedez Benz tents.
Does that mean I have to give a shit about the potential end of Fashion Week according to the Mayan Calendar?
Of course not.
Even the uber hip designers have to acclimate to the local Malibu vibe or risk public scrutiny if they dare wear couture to Coogies.
Kelly Wearstler got the hint.
However, Rachel Zoe didn’t get the memo.
After the dust, I mean sand settles, all of the sudden, Monday morning is upon us.
Reality sets in and cocktails on Carbon Beach over the weekend become just a memory.
I trade in my charmed Malibu life for the reality of the fashion P.R. world ( not physically of course - who in their right mind would want to commute to L.A. everyday? ).  
After all, brands need branding, styles need styling and I need a new Birkin.
Viva Dolce & Gabbana and long live Fashion Week!
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