Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Coachella - Festival of fashion???


We're half way through Coachella.

 Hopefully, I made myself very clear last week when I was bombarded with inquiries as to whether I was going to the "fiesta of fashion". 

Why on earth would I want to do that?

 Malibu IS Coachella.

 It's the Four Seasons of Coachella.

 Fashion bloggers have been feverishly instagraming copius amounts of crochet and the flagrant misuse of aztec prints all weekend.


You would have to break out the vintage YSL or Tom Ford for Gucci to get my attention.

Besides, why on earth would I want to suffer through dirt and dehydration to see rock stars I see everyday at the grocery store???

While major fashion brands are wasting tens of thousands and setting up VIP tents, putting a new ( ? ) spin on their "capsule collections"...

For what? I meeeaaan it's cute, but this is just regurgitated punk/rock/boho. Throwing a bunch of patterns, designs and studs together is hardly a "collection". In fact, it's a complete a complete clusterfuck.

  Coachella is definitely losing it's festival "fashion" factor and there is a very slim chance that their version of 're-branding' punk/rock/boho will continue to be cool - on any level.

So, you can imagine why I would never voluntarily go to the desert unless it involved a comped room at the Colony Palms Hotel and a fat paycheck ( not to mention two interns I would send to the fairgrounds to Instagram the insanity while I sipped cocktails by the pool - negotiating the real deals ).

 As thousands descend upon the Inland Empire for weekend #2 of Coachella 2013,  all I can really think of is how boho is about to go soooooo wrong.

However, years of therapy has taught me how to forgive.

This is called being "aware".

That being said, I am forced to make exceptions sometimes.

 So, when your extremely unflattering "festival fashion" photo shows up on Google after a drunken Coachella rager, please don't ask me for sympathy, instead
remember - Coachella is for kids - who don't get COUTURE.

Get it?

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