Monday, March 4, 2013

Six Degrees

There's no denying that by the end of NYFW, most of us were left feeling like we had been molested by a multitude of patterns, color and texture.
Fashion bloggers feverishly regurgitating Fall/13 runway pics and inundating our Bloglovin feed, heading off to London, Milan and Paris respectively to repeat the same pattern.

I wondered when this flagrant abuse of my cyber/space was ever going to end!

However, the questionable (re)appearance of the slouchy beanie reminiscent of Alexander Wang's Fall 2008 collection, making quite the impact, starting with the BCBG runway, actually led me to ask the question...

"Are gay men/designers psychic?"or the does the six degrees of separation I am convinced I have with Kurt Cobain exist in a more existential fashion ( pun intended ) - as in fashion designers manifesting the six degrees into the form of this ( now classic ) accessory?

Or were the fashion gods just giving me spiritual feedback on the post I just made only a few weeks ago?
More importantly, is Fall 2008 the new Fall 2013?

Alexander Wang Fall 2008

More Max fall 2013

More Alexander Fall 2008...

It was all way too much to take in. 

Simultaneously, not one, but two Malibu Designers ( not gay and I am pretty sure not psychic either ) made this year's Sport's Illustrated Swimsuit Issue ( think Vogue's September issue for bikinis... and boys who like bikinis ).

This is original boho jewelry designer Heather Gardner's third time being featured and make no mistake, she is the original and third time is definitely the charm for this line's 2013 appearance in the iconic swimsuit issue.

 Here is Kate Bock wearing the triple layer Boho Necklace in brass.

Crissy Tiegan wears the single Ethiopian necklace and the five layer boho necklace in brass.

 Anna V. wear the five layer crystal boho necklace in CO topaz and the brass boho bracelet.

Kate Bock wears the triple layer boho necklace in brass.

Kate Bock wearing the five layer boho necklace in brass.

Bubululu's debut run had Nina Adgal sporting their sexy mesh top.

Just in time to cool us off from the Bu bikini bonanza, and consequently canceling my client's lookbook shoot ( which I was due in Scottsdale for ), a massive cold front came in dumping lots of fresh snow - including in Scottsdale!!!

So, it was off to Mammoth we went, Kurt Cobain's birthday and all. Not exactly the way I wanted to celebrate our six degrees of separation - however quite fitting since the temp was actually 6 degrees.

Top that week off with an exhausting day after Valentine's spent managing my social media responses to my FB relationship status change ( I got engaged - hold the congrats - this is not my first BBQ ).

Now you know why this Malibu P.R. Gal was conspicuously absent from the blogoshpere.

My sincere apologies.

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