Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Supersize your style - Studded Gucci D.I.Y.

Chill is ill in Malibu.

We're talkin' the cold kind of chill, not chic kind of 'chill'.

It's the also the kind that sends you straight indoors ( think spa ).

So, when I am stuck with this sucky weather, I head to hot yoga, take in a lean protein shake and take a break from my work.

In other words, I become a lean, mean, customizing machine.

Years ago ( that magic year 2008 - read about it here, and here ), before I went on to fashion p.r. full time, I owned a retail store here in Malibu where I specialized in one of a kind pieces, designed and created in my shop.

I sewed, I silkscreened and I studded...

However, I had a deep desire to take it beyond just the average, easy stud fest.

( I googled 'stud fest' and this is what showed up )

Somehow, I knew there was something more.

So, long before Valentino decided it was chic to stud couture,

I was studding vintage Gucci. 

It might seem a little daunting at first to take a seam ripper and poke holes into a bag that could set you back a few bills...

But once you've been there, there's no going back. 

Kind of like once you do hot yoga, regular yoga just doesn't do it for you anymore.

Make sense?


You'll feel like you haven't done a damn thing in your life until you've mastered one of these and remember - vulnerability is not the right state of mind to approach the Vintage Studded Gucci D.I.Y.

Start with a vintage Gucci ( I like the Boston the best but any one will do )

A bag of 1/2" pyramid studs ( at least 100 pcs. )

Seam ripper

Needle nose pliers or pinking shears ( which I use to push down the stud spikes on the inside of the purse. The pinking shears works best for me for the flat edge it has and the ease of pushing down the spikes ).

I have to admit, I eyed the stud placement. But if you want preciseness, use a ruler and mark the areas where the stud spikes will go with a Sharpie.

Use the seam ripper to "slice" the hole. I like this tool better than an Exacto knife because the seam ripper guarantees me a smaller hole to hold the stud better.

Stud til your sore baby! This project goes fast but takes it's toll on your thumb when you are securing the stud spikes.

The results rock as you can see!

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