Tuesday, January 22, 2013

F21 To Runway

Having been in the fashion industry for many years, you can imagine I have some amazing stories to tell.

However, ebooks are just soooo draining, and for now, barring some huge celebrity or fashion scandal, stories will have be told in relation to my fashion whims and confined to a blog post.

A little over a year ago, I was smack in the middle of a celeb re-branding campaign and this B-lister-at-best, who's career I was resuscitating, decides to threaten the life of a 12 year gamer on Twitter.

Can you say terrorist threat (  him ) and unscheduled vacation ( me )?

Carpal tunnel set in as I was using my unanticipated down time, devoting copius amounts of energy to fashion blogs.

Of which, led to investing time and talent to the emerging DIY craze, re-inveting runway designs for the common, couture loving customer.


My trend loving/loathing, crafty ass loves to create fashion having done it for many years as a designer.

Like the cobbler with no shoes, I ended up a designer without my designs.

They always ended up on someone else's back.

A couple of divorces and moves later lead to lost items and memories. I have no idea where the original hand sewn Jimi Hendrix rocker tee I designed ended up, or my original studded "back stage" jacket are...

You get the picture... ( back then we didn't have instagram or I'd have some too! )

Trends come and go, but Forever 21 is here to stay.

Just like "I was thin back then, and I still am now".

The solution was simple in my mind.

I wanted to create, not design.

I wanted runway for reality.

So when my eyes bestowed a pair of Balmain SS/12 boots I HAD to have but knew I could DIY...

My passion for fashion turned into F21 To Runway ...

The original designer version was freakishly rock n roll fab, yet hardly amazing enough - especially since they lost most of their impact when I saw the $2500 price tag.

A new addiction was born that required no future rehab - just a lot more runway inspiration.


Valentino SS/12 sunglasses

F21 To Runway styled...

                       An unscheduled personal tragedy threw a wrench in runway re-designs.

After the sand settled, style that stood still last summer is now in full swing with F21 To Runway's first DIY of 2013. The Isabel Marant Rodwell Pant for her Fall 2012 collection.


F21 To Runway...

Dare to get your DIY on!


  1. love the sunnies!! xx

  2. Thanks Nina! I plan on doing more Valentino styles as soon as Forever 21 releases new sunglasses for Spring!


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